Windows 10 Pro Insider dan Windows 10 Home 64bit Build 10147
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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10147 - Seperti kita ketahui pada Windows 10 versi sebelumnya masih banyak terdapat bugs.
Pada versi Windows 10 Insider Build 10147 microsoft telah melakukan perbaikan sehingga lebih stabil dari versi sebelumnya.
Buat Windows8ku yang memang penasaran dan ingin segera menggunakan Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10147 silakan langsung saja di download.

What's new in the Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10147?
More apps now use the accent color as their tile color
The full screen start menu now shows the power and all apps button at the bottom
The hamburger button no longer shows a notification icon when new apps are installed, this is now shown at the all apps button
New animations for tiles, including the added-then-removed-now-added-again 3D-animation
New boot animations for apps
Most WinRT tiles can now take the large tile size (including Edge, Calculator, etc)
The smilies for additional icons above power have been replaced with actual indicating icons (and some have been updated)
Full screen start is now aligned higher, allowing more tiles in the height without a scrollbar appearing
Search will now show a "Try Cortana" button on the bottom if Cortana isn't activated
The window chrome of Win32 apps is now the same as for WinRT apps
The clock, language and other notification-fly-outs have been updated with a transparent background
The back-button no longer takes the accent color in some apps
Apps no longer have to take a white icon on the taskbar anymore
More apps have a tile-less icon on the taskbar
Multiple icons have been revamped
All Win32 controls have been given a redesign
The installation experience has been updated, it also introduces more apps
There are new default wallpapers
Propertie windows have received a visual update
In tablet mode, icons no longer disappear behind the Task View, Search and Back button when app icons are shown
Action center
New quick settings for Notes and Quiet hours
You can now set a timer in the snapping tool
Project Spartan has been updated from version 15 to 19 and is now called Microsoft Edge
Edge has new icons
The feedback icon has been removed from the main bar
There is a new share icon on the url bar
You can now enable a dark theme for Edge
Improved ECMAScript 6 support (without flags)
You can now manage your passwords
You can now change the search provider
When closing Edge with 2 or more tabs open, it will now warn you
Pinned hubs now look better
You can now show a home button
Pinning sites to start is broken in that it no longer has the site's theme, but a normal Edge logo
Multiple apps have been updated
The "Store" apps has been removed, leaving only "Store (beta)"
New "Get Office" app
New "Phone companion" app
Insider Hub
The Insider Hub has to be activated in "Add features"
There Insider Hub has a new icon
There are new animations when switching applets
Automatic color picker now works
You can now enable features that aren't enabled by default trough Windows Update
You can now exit the Windows Insider program

Product key: 


Bagi yang tidak ingin download tapi ingin memiliki Windows 10 Pro dan Windows 10 Home Insider Build 10147 bisa melakukan pemesanan di windows8ku dengan cara Sms/Whatsapp ke 087886160858 atau BBM 7EDA0714 dengan menyertakan nama, alamat lengkap dan software yang di pesan.

Buat Windows Mania yang ingin mendapatkan Windows, Software dan Artikel menarik lainnya secara gratis dari via email silakan daftarkan email Windows Mania DI SINI
Di bawah ini adalah kumpulan daftar software yang bisa windows mania order.
Pemesanan silakan sms ke 087886160858 dengan menyertakan nama, alamat lengkap dan sofware yang di pesan.
Paket dijamin 100% sampai tujuan dan bergaransi jika patah karena pengiriman.
Dalam penggiriman dilengkapi dengan casing DVD untuk melindunggi CD/DVD saat penggiriman.
Untuk pemesanan 5 software akan mendapatkan bonus 1 cd software (Berlaku kelipatannya).
Diwabah ini adalah kumpulan daftar software yang bisa windows mania order

Berikut Daftar Software yang bisa diorder:
- Software Toko / Matrial Bangunan / Minimarket (Support Barcode) Rp.125.000
- Software Hotel Rp.100.000
- Software Counter Handphone Rp.100.000
- Software Toko Komputer Rp.100.000
- Software Apotek Rp.100.000
- Software Restoran / Rumah Makan Rp.100.000
- Software Perpustakaan / Library Rp.50.000
- Software Rental VCD Rp.100.000
- Software Akademik - Universitas Rp.125.000
- Software Distro (Butik/Toko Baju,dll) Rp.100.000
- Software Sekolah Rp.100.000
- Software Koperasi Rp.100.000
- Software Rental Buku dan Komik Rp.50.000
- Software Retail (Software POS) Rp.100.000
- Software Elektronik Rp.100.000
- Software Klinik / Resep Dokter Rp.100.000
- Software Rekap Nilai / Nilai SD Rp.50.000
- Software Pegawai Rp.50.000
- Software kursus Rp.50.000

Jika ingin mengetahui fitur dari software diatas silakan Whatsapp atau bbm nama dan email Anda ke 087886160858.
Ingat...permintaan fitur hanya via Whatsapp dan BBM.
Contoh format:
Andi / / Fitur Software Minimarket.
Setelah itu Whatsapp ke 087886160858 atau pin bbm 7EDA0714 (Hanya khusus untuk yang serius order)

- Video Tutorial Membuat Website (Bhs Indonesia). Harga Rp.75.000
Berisikan Video Tutorial Panduan Cara Membuat Website.
Untuk video tutorialnya terdiri dari CMS Joomla, Drupal dan Wordpress.
Selain itu juga disertakan bonus kumpulan Template, Plugins, Vdeo Tutorial Desain Theme, Tool Drupal, Tool Joomla, Tool Wordpress dan Ebook menjadi Top 10 di google

- Toko Online Store
Ebook Tutorial cara membuat web/blog Toko Online (online shop) lengkap dengan templatenya.
Tutorial menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia, dilengkapi dengan gambar dan sangat mudah dipelajari oleh pemula sekalipun
Harga Ebook+Template Rp.150.000

Selain software diatas, juga ada kumpulan software dan windows lainnya. Yaitu:
Windows Server
- DVD Windows server 2012 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows server 2008 Rp.35.000
- CD Windows server 2003 Rp.35.000

Windows Vista
- DVD Windows Vista SP2 Black Edition + Sofware > Rp.35.000

Windows 10
- DVD Windows 10 Pro Turbo Edition X86 2015 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 10 Gamer Edition 2015 X64 / X86 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 10 nVIDIA 2014 x86 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 10 Technical Preview x86 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 10 Technical Preview x64 Rp.35.000

Windows 8
- 2DVD Windows 9 Professional X64 (Platform Wind 7 Pro) Rp.50.000
- 2 DVDWindows 8.1 MeeGo Edition X64 - 2015  Rp.45.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Ubuntu 2015 x64 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 20in1 X86/X64 1 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 24in1 X64 1 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Pro X64 Update 1 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Sweet Like Chocolate x64 2014 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Pro 32Bit dan XP Pro Sp3 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 X64 Bit 7in1 (7windows 8.1) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32Bit Final Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 RTM 32Bit (Preview) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 32Bit (Preview) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 64Bit (Preview) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32Bit (Preview) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Evolution 2014 X64 Rp.50.000
- DVD Windows 8 Extreme R1 (Include Office 2013) Rp.45.000
- DVD Windows 8 18in1 (18 versi Windows 8) Rp.45.000
- DVD Windows 8 Professional Blue Edition Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Professional 32/64Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Professional With Media Centre Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Consumer 32 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Consumer 64 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Release Preview 32 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Release Preview 64 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 8 Exstreme 32 Bit (Platform wind7) Rp.35.000
- CD Windows 8 PE Live CD Rp.20.000

Windows 7
- DVD Windows 7 Islamic X64 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Linux Edition 2014 X86 / 32Bit
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Android Edition 2014 - X86/X64 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Sp1 Apple Edition 2013 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Aurora 32/64 Bit Rp.45.000
- DVD Windows 7 Dance 32Bit  Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Facebook Edition 32Bit  Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate Resident Evil 2012 64Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate Angry Birds Rp.35.000
- CD Windows 7 Tiger Speed 32bit Rp.25.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate Alchemist 2012 x86 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate EIRR 32bit & 64bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Need For Speed Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit & 64bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Dark Deluxe x86 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Ultimate Dark City Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 FIRE 2011 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 ARC Gamer Edition 32Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Dark Ultimate Netbook Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Macintosh Edition + Office 2010, Photoshop cs4 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 48 in 7 all version (ada 48 versi windows 7 dalam 1dvd) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7ART_Edition_2011 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows 7 Alien 32Bit Rp.35.000
- CD Windows 7 tiny 2011 Rp.20.000

Windows XP
- DVD Windows XP CyberXp Ultimate Edition Final Rp.35.000
- DVD  Windows Final Of My Live (Lengkap dengan wind7 32 & 64bit, wind xp sp3) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Ultimate Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Sp3 Sata All Laptop (Semua merk Laptop) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Cyber Se7en Black Edition (lengkap dengan driver) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP SP3 Pro Gamer Edition 2011 Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP ALL Laptop (Untuk semua merk Laptop) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Deluxe 2010 (lengkap dengan Driver) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Professional SP 3 Black Edition (Genuine/original) + bonus  Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP MaX Media Centre +  Bonus Sofware Multimedia Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Sp3 9-in-1 ( 9 Windows XP dalam 1 DVD) Rp.35.000
- DVD Windows XP Advanced Multiboot 32 in 1 Rp.35.000
- CD Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) update November 2014 + Sata Driver Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86) update April 2014 + Sata Driver Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Shield Xp 2014 Rp20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Android 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Ramadhan 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Super Star 6 X86
- CD Windows Xp Sp3 Standart Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Nour 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Home 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Live super Footbal 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp El Maestro V2 2012 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Pro New Age Sp3 2013 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Areo SP3 (x86) SATA Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Pro Power Of Pure 2012 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Muslem (Arab) Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Final Blue Exstreame Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp2 64bit Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Fire 2011 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP 64 Bit Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Ubuntu Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Destination Dream_2011 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP VORTEX 3G Rp.25.000
- CD Windows XP Professional 64Bit Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Turbo 3D Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Lenovo SP3 (Genuine/original) > Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XC 2011 (Fitur Baru Windows XP) Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Batman Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Pharaonic Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Dark V7 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Angel Live V.2.0 + Sofware > Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP SP3 Machintos for PC Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Diamond SP3 > Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp BlackExtreme v-32.0 (Spanyol) Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp BLACK MOD THE FINAL x86 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Ice XP V6 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Vienna7 Edition-sata Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Batman V.2 2012 - Activated Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Viena 7 - Sata Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Fantastic Edition Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Final Blue Xstreame Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Hamaz Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 MAC OS 2012 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Fantastic Edition Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Final Blue Xtreame Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 GREEN Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Speeder Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 EL NOUR Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Student 2012 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3  Black Edition (Sata & Update Service Pack 2012) Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP SP3 Cristal Edition + Sofware (Genuine/original) > Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Orient.Xp.2011 Rp.20.000
- CD windows xp Sp2-OEM-Gold Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP XC 2011 Rp.20.000
- CD WinXP TrueFaster Rp.20.000
- CD XP Dooosha.V3 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Pharaonic Rp.20.000
- CD Windows Xp Seven Ultimate Royale SP3 2010 Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Long Live XP Rp.20.000
- CD Windows XP Sp3 Light Rp.20.000

- DVD Bactrack 5 Gnome 32Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Bactrack 5 Gnome 64Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Bactrack 4 Rp.35.000
- CD Linux ubuntu-12.04.1 32bit Rp.20.000
- CD Linux ubuntu-12.04.1 amd64bit Rp.20.000
- DVD linuxmint-10-gnome-dvd-amd64

OS Macintosh:
- DVD MAC OS X LION Rp.35.000
- DVD MAC OS X Snow Leopard S3 10.6 (Support  PC Intel) Rp.35.000
- Kumpulan Software Macintosh (Mac) Vol1 dan Vol2 Rp.60.000 (Beli 1 Rp.35.000)

OS Garuda:
- OS garuda2011 (Buatan Indonesia ) Rp.25.000             
Driver PC/Laptop:
DVD Cobra Driver Rp.35.000
DVD Driverpack 11 Rp.35.000
DVD Driverpack 12 Rp.35.000
DVD Driverpack 13 Rp.35.000
DVD Driverpack 14 Rp.50.000
DVD DriverPack Solution 14.15.2 Rp.65.000
DVD Drivel All in 1 Rp.35.000
DVD SamDriver V.13  2013 Rp.45.000

2 DVD Kumpulan Skripsi dan Tesis dari berbagai Jurusan (Format word dan pdf)  Rp.100.000
Sudah termasuk Ongkos kirim ke seluruh Indonesia. Kecuali Papua/Jayapura & NTT tambah ongkir Rp.10.000

Video Editing:
- DVD Pinnacle Studio X4 Rp.30.000
- DVD Pinnacle Studio X5 Rp.35.000
- DVD Pinnacle Studio X6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Pinnacle Studio X6 Rp.35.000
- 2 DVD AddOns Pinnacle Studio Rp.60.000
- DVD Adobe Premiere CC7 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Premiere CS 6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Premiere CS 5 Rp. 35.000
- DVD Adobe Premiere CS 4 Rp. 35.000
- Paket DVD Adobe After Effect terdiri dari Adobe After Effect CC 12 (AE12), Video Tutorial AE, Plugins AE, 4Dvd Project Template AE Rp.180.000
- DVD Adobe After Effect CC 12.2 Rp.35.000
- 4 DVD After Effects Project Templates Collection Rp.120.000
- DVD Plugins After Effect Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe After Effects CS 4 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Tutorial Adobe After Effect Rp.35.000- DVD Photodex Proshow Styles Themes And Transitions Complete Rp.35.000
- 2 DVD After Effects Project Templates Collection Rp.50.000
- DVD Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultimate 12 Rp.35.000
- CD ACDSeePRO 7 Rp.20.000
- CD MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium 13 Rp.25.000
- CD Vegas Pro 13 64Bit Rp.25.000
- CD Vegas Pro 12 64Bit Rp.25.000
- CD Vegas Pro 8 32Bit Rp.25.000
- CD Edius 6 + Procoder 2 dan 3 Rp.25.000
- CD Camtasia Studio 8.4 Rp.20.000
- DVD Kumpulan Motion Animasi untuk Video Editing (Ada 10 DVD) Rp.300.000
  Beli Kurang dari 10 Rp.35.000/DVD

Video Tutorial.
Cara Mudah Belajar Otodidak tanpa baca. Proses belajar lebih mudah ketimbang membaca dari buku.
Apakah Anda ingin mahir menguasai aplikasi yang Anda gunakan...???
Jika YA, Anda bisa belajar secara otodidak melalui VIDEO TUTORIAL ini.
Video Tutorial yang ada terdiri dari:
- CD Video Tutorial Sketchup Pro 2015 Rp.20.000
- DVD Video Tutorial SketchUp Pro 2013 Rp.35.000
- DVD Camtasia 8.4 + Video Tutorial Camtasia 8 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Adobe Audition CS6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video CorelDraw X6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Dreamweaver CS5 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Illustrator CC Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Indesign CS6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Premiere Pro CC Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Pinnacle 9 Rp.20.000
- DVD Video Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Rp.35.000
- 2DVD Video Sony Vegas 12 Rp.50.000
- DVD Video Visual Studio 2012 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video  Office 2010 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video Autocad 2014 Rp.35.000
- DVD Video MAYA 2013 Rp.35.000
- Paket Komplit DVD Tutorial Video Photoshop Rp.300.000 (10Dvd)

 Desain Undangan:
- Paket 1. Desain Undangan Pernikahan (Wedding) 3 DVD Desain Undangan Pernikahan (Lengkap dengan Corel Draw) Rp.100.000
- Paket 2. Desain Undangan Pernikahan (Wedding) + Undangan Khitanan + Undangan Ulang Tahun
7 DVD  Desain Pernikahan, Desain Khitanan, Desan Ulang Tahun Rp.220.000
- Paket 3. Desain Desain Undangan Pernikahan (Wedding) + Undangan Khitanan + Undangan Ulang Tahun, Desain Kemasan, Desain Kaos/T’Shirt, Desain Sertifikat, Desain Logo, Desain PIN, Desain Stempel, Desain Nota, Desain Surat Dokter, Desain Surat Jalan, dll
Total 10 DVD Rp.300.000

- Paket Frame Wedding / Frame Foto
Total 11 DVD Frame Wedding /Frame Foto Rp.320.000

- Desain Vektor , Border dan Desain Vektor Untuk Cutting Sticker:
1 DVD Desain Cutting Rp.35.000
1 DVD Desain Border Rp.35.000
5 DVD Kumpulan Desain Vektor Rp.160.000

- DVD CorelDRAW X7 32&64 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD CorelDRAW X6 32&64 Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD CorelDRAW X2, X4 dan X5 32 Bit Rp.20.000
- CD Sketchup Pro 2015 + Vray Rp.20.000
- CD Video Tutorial Sketchup Pro 2015 Rp.20.000
- CD SketchUp Pro 2014 14 Rp.20.000
- DVD SketchUp Pro 2014 + Video Tutorial Rp.50.000
- CD Corel WordPerfect Office X6 Rp.20.000
- CD Corel Website Creator X7 Rp.20.000
- CD Adobe Audition CC 6 (Editing Audio) Rp.20.000
- Adobe Captivate 8 x86 (Untuk membuat Presentasi) Rp.35.000
- 3 DVD Adobe Master CC Collection For Mac Rp.100.000
- DVD Adobe Photoshop CC Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Illustrator CC17 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Flash Pro CC13 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Audition CS6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Muse CC7 + Video Tutorial Rp.35.000
- 2DVD Adobe Master Collection Cs6 (Komplit) Rp.50.000
- DVD Adobe Indesign CS6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Primiere Pro CC7 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Primiere Pro Cs6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Primiere Pro Cs6 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Acrobat X dan X1 Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Desing Premium CS5, terdiri dari Photoshop cs5, illustrator cs5, Indesign Cs5,
  Flash Catalysth CS5, Flash Professional CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Fireworks CS5, Acrobat 9 Pro. Rp.35.000
- DVD Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Rp.35.000
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 Rp.35.000
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.2 Rp.35.000
- Nero 2014 Platinum 15 Rp.35.000
- CD Nero 11 Multimedia Rp.20.000
- DVD Nero 10 Multimedia (Komplit) Rp.30.000
- DVD Delphi Builder 2010 Rp.30.000
- DVD Microsoft Office 2013 Professional 32/64Bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus for Windows (lengkap) + Office 2007 + Bonus lainnya hanya  Rp.35.000
- CD Office 2007 Enterprise Blue Edition rp.25.000
- DVD  AUTODESK MAYA 2015 Rp.35.000
- DVD  AUTODESK 3DMAX 2011 Rp.35.000
- DVD AUTODESK 3DMAX 2013 Rp.35.000
- DVD CINEMA 4D R13 Rp.35.000
- DVD AutoCad 2016 32bit Rp.35.000
- DVD AutoCad 2016 64Bit Rp.50.000
- DVD AutoCad 2015  Rp.35.000
- DVD AutoCad 2012  Rp.35.000
- DVD Autocad 2013 32bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Autocad 2013 64bit Rp.35.000
- DVD Hiren Boot CD15.0-Restored Rp.35.000
- CD Cyberlink Youcam 6 Rp.20.000
- CD CorelDraw X6 32Bit Rp.30.000
- CD CorelDraw X6 64Bit Rp.30.000
- CD MYOB Accounting Plus v13 & 15 Rp.20.000
- Hallmark Card 2011. Software desain template Kartu seperti Kartu Ulang Tahun, Kartu Tahun Baru, Kartu Valentine,Kartu Hallowen, Kartu Lebaran (Idul Fitri), Wedding (Pernikahan) dengan menggunakan Hallmark Card 2011 Rp.45.000

Software Programmer
- DVD delphicbuilder 2010 Rp.35.000
- DVD RAD Studio XE5 Delphi dan C++ Builder Rp.50.000
- DVD Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 x86 Rp.35.000

Antivirus & Rescue Disk ( CD untuk menghapus Virus):
- Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 ( CD untuk menghapus Virus) Rp.20.000
- Norton Antivirus 2013 Rp.20.000
- Avast Internet Security 2014 Rp.20.000
- Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 x86 x64 Rp.35.000

- 2 DVD Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Rp.50.000
- Kumpulan Game, Aplikasi dan Theme Android Rp.35.000
- 2DVD Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Rp.50.000
- 2 DVD The SIM 3 Rp.50.000
- PES 2014 (2dvd) Rp.45.000
- PES 2014 (3dvd) Rp.50.000
- PES 2014 (4dvd) Rp.70.000
- PES 2013 Rp.45.000
- 2 Dvd Prototype 2 Rp.50.000
- 7 Dvd Game Max Payne 3 Rp.140.000
- 3 Dvd GTA Grand Theft Auto IV Rp.50.000
- DVD Crysis Warhead Rp.50.000
- DVD Legendary Rp.50.000
- DVD Counter Strike Exstrem V6 2011 Rp.25.000
- 2DVD Call of duty 4 Rp.40.000
- 2DVD Call Of Duty Black Ops Rp.50.000
- DVD Age Of Empires I, Age Of Empires II, Age Of Empires III  Rp.35.000
- DVD Sniper Warrior Rp. 25.000
- DVD Game Need For Speed Hot Pursuit  Rp.40.000
- DVD Game Smackdown (Lengkap) Rp.30.000
- DVD Game 12 in 1 terdiri dari Game Air Aces Pacific, Alien Shooter 2, Comanche 4, Counter Strike CARBON 1.1, Enemy Engaged, Gun metal war transformed, Night shymalan the last airbender, Perished  the zurkez project, Reign conflict og nations, Soldner X Himmelssturmer II, The last dance,Tranformer Autorobots VS  Decepticons.  Semua game ini  hanya RP.35.000
- Cooking Game ( Game memasak untuk permainan Anak Wanita) Rp.20.000
- POP Cap Games Rp.35.000
- Game House terdapat puluhan game Rp.20.000
- Game House 1000 Volume 3  Rp.20.000
- Counter strike CS 1.6 Rp.20.000
- Counter strike Exstrem Rp.20.000
- CD Counter Strike 1.8 (2CD)  Rp.35.000
- Counter strike 1.9 Rp.20.000

Ebook Hacking:
70 eBook Hacking Rp.35.000


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